THK-Cage, prestressed strand container

  • Technical specification:

  • Cage:
    Length: 1050 mm
    Width: 1800 mm
    Height: 1650 mm
    Weight: 390 kg

  • Strand coil:
    - max. diameter 1500 mm
    - max. width 650 mm
    - max. weight 3500 kg

  • The prestressing strand reels are stored in the containers specially designed for this purpose. The containers prevent the strands from unrolling, folding and tangling while pulling them to the beds.

  • THK-Cage wire containers special design assures smooth feed and controlled unwinding of the steel strands. The container is constructed of steel profiles, and a running ring is fitted onto the front side of it. The container's back plate has a centre bolt, which together with the running ring enables smooth feed of the strand to the casting bed. Also the bottom of the container is equipped with a special "tightening swing" for the strand coil. Container is equipped with lifting eyebolts and may be stacked onto each other to save space.