THK-FLOW BED - casting bed

  • The casting beds have been designed for hollow core slab production with THK-extruders. The bedsides have been equipped with rails on which most of the production machines are operating.The casting beds are made of steel construction and welded to the mounting plates fixed to the floor of production hall and at the ends of beds welded to the anchors . Prior to the welding casting beds shall be prestressed to avoid heat loads.

  • Technical specification:
    -width of a casting bed is 1300 mm
    -width of a slab is 1197 mm (+/- 2 mm) - the distance between the rails' inner sides.
    -The side rails (S355J0-EN10025) are 27 mm high and 46 mm wide with a bevel of 10x10 mm
    -The casting bed surface is made of precision rolled, surface treated steel plate with 8 mm thickness (D24435N RAEX 240 OPT PE, 8mm) and welded to the frame construction.
    -The casting beds sides are of longitudinal U-profiles and crosswise connecting bars of I-profiles.
    -The design load of the beds is 650 kg/sq.m.
    -Heating pipes (6 nos, D 40) are installed under the surface of the casting beds.
    -The heating medium is either hot water or steam.
    -The heating pipe ends have flexible hoses to allow heat extension of the pipes.
    -The casting beds are provided with 45 mm fire resistant polystyrene insulation
    -The casting beds are delivered in 12 m sections

  • Dimensions:
    -width 1300 mm
    -height 200 mm
    -weight, approx. 210 kg/m