THK –BRUSH, cleaning machine

  • Technical specification:
    Free traveling speed 0 – 60 m/min
    4 wheel drive
    Brush diameter 800/540 mm
    Brush width 1300+600 mm
    Brush lifting height 300 mm
    Volume of waste container abt. 350 l
    Weight, approx. 3800 kg

  • Hydraulic specification:
    spraying of oil 3 l /min (1-30 bar)
    Volume of oil tank 70 liters
    Hydraulic capacity 15 kW

  • Electrical specification:
    Connecting power 35 kW
    Power supply 3x60A/400
    VAC/50Hz + PE

  • THK Brush machine ensures high quality, efficient and fluent production of hollow core slabs and this way plays an important role in production. The Brush cleans the bed and the bed sides with brushes and sprays the lubricant (mould oil) on the bed before casting of hollow core slabs. Simultaneously it may pull the prestressing strands along the side of the bed from the active end to the passive end. After connection of strands the THK Brush returns to the active end and the wires are lifted on to the bed. Now the bed is ready for prestressing.

  • Power is supplied via motorized cable drum which winds cable on and off according to the movement of the machine. Cable length depends on the length of the casting beds.