THK-collect, lifting beam

  • Technical specification:
    Max lifting capacity 2 x 4 tons
    Distance between lifting clamps is adjustable step less 1,5 - 15,5 m
    Under the lifting beam there is a lifting hook for a maximum load of 6 tons
    Weight THK-collect 4 400 kg
    Weight THK-collect with THK Drill 6 000 kg

  • Electrical specification:
    Power supply / steering via cable drum from the over head crane
    Power supply 3 x 16 A / 400 VAC / 50 Hz + PE
    Connecting power 3 kW
    Connecting power with drilling unit 6,5kW

  • THK-Collect transfer beam enables fast and efficient lifting and storing
    of hollow slabs.

  • THK-Collect can be equipped with drilling units THK Drill for drilling of condensate holes underneath the slab during lifting. The transport of the ready sawn hollow slabs is easier and can be e.g. loaded in previously decided order on THK-TRESTLES that allow transportation by trailers straight to the building site or buffer store.

  • The THK-Collect unit lifts up to 16 m long hollow slabs with clamps griping hold on the sides of the hollow core slabs. The beam have two lifting clamps and telescope construction allowing adjustment of the distance between the clamps electrically as well as locking them in open position. They grip the slab mechanically.

  • THK-Collect shall be attached to an over head crane with two hooks in 5 m distance from each other and having lifting capacity of 8 tons each.