THK-cruiser for transportation of concrete

  • Technical specification:
    Transport capacity: compacted concrete 2.0 m3
    Driving rail IPE 500 (min.)
    Wheels polyurethane coated
    Travelling speed 0 -120 m/min
    Stopping and acceleration time adjustable
    Own weight 2600 kg
    Maximum weight 7500 kg

  • Hydraulic specification:
    Hydraulic power 1,5 kW

  • Electrical specification:
    driving motor 1 x 4,0 kW connecting power 5,5 kW
    current conduct rail 5x60A
    power supply 3 x 35 A 400 VAC /50 Hz + PE

  • The THK Cruiser is a concrete transportation machine, which supplies the extruder with concrete. The cruiser consists of two parts: the main wagon and the concrete bucket. The main wagon transports the bucket longitudinally on a monorail installed to the wall of production hall and THK Gantry function as the crosswise rail for the bucket.

  • The bucket of the Cruiser picks up concrete from the batching and mixing plant with crosswise movement, docks with the main wagon, they drive together along the hall up to the Gantry, main wagon docks with Gantry and the bucket drives across the hall above the extruder along the Gantry. On the basis of a signal from THK Flow the bucket is unloaded into the flow machines hopper. After unloading Cruiser places the batching and mixing plant a new order for a concrete batch.

  • The bucket unloads through hydraulically operated double sector gates, which may be operated either manually or automatically. The gates are made of adjustable sectors to seal them properly. THK Flow controls the automatic unloading and opens the double sector doors in three phases assuring that right amount of concrete is unloaded at proper speed into the hopper of the extruder. The transport process is continuous and no breaks occur during casting.