• Technical specification:
    Half portal construction
    Span approx 7.6-11.4 m
    Speed 0-30 m / min
    Three pre-programmed speeds to follow flow machine.
    Lifting device 8 tons
    speed of movement 0-5 m/min
    speed of lifting 2,5/0,4 m/min

  • Electrical specification:
    Electrical supply 80 kW /7,5 kW 400 VAC / 50Hz
    Power supply for THK Flow
    Current conductor rail 4 x 125 A

  • The THK gantry has been designed to move the hopper of THK cruiser crosswise in the production hall. As THK cruiser arrives via longitudinal track to Gantry the docking system locks it to Gantry's crosswise track. The main wagon of Cruiser moves freely on the main track and the bucket is transferred automatically above THK Flow casting machine for unloading of concrete.

  • The THK gantry's docking device has been programmed to follow the THK flow machine during the casting process. The concrete transfer is always done at an optimal point according to demand and therefore no waste occurs. The gantry also supplies power to the casting machine and controls Cruisers unloading by radio communication. The gantry's crane may also be used to lift other machinery and equipment.