THK-SAW, slab saw

  • Technical specification:
    Cutting speed, 0 - 3 m/min
    Saw's transfer speed, high 0-40 m/min
    Saw's transfer speed, low, 0-2,5 m/min
    Blade wagon speed, hor. 0-2, 5 m/min
    Blade wagon speed, vert. 0-1,5 m/min
    Blade diameter 1000 -1300 mm
    Hydraulics unit power 7,5 kW
    Weight 6100 kg

  • Electrical specification:
    Connecting power 65 kW
    Blade motor 55 kW
    Power supply 3x125A/400 VAC/50 Hz
    Supply via cable drum.

  • The THK-Saw has been designed to be strong, efficient and for use only in the hollow slab industries. Therefore they are long lasting and reliable under demanding use. The machine cuts hollow slabs between 50 mm - 550 mm deep. The cutting angle may be adjusted stepless between 0 - 180 degrees.

  • The cutting speed of the saws crosswise movement is automated and is also programmable depending on the cutting angle of the saw. Apart from cutting speed it is also possible to adjust cutting length. The blade returns automatically back to its starting point in its upper position in the middle of the casting bed.

  • Power is supplied via motorized cable drum, which winds cable on and off accordingly. Cable length depends on the length of the casting beds. THK-Saw has a 500 l saw cooling water tank. The saw can be equipped with a motorized water hose drum.

  • THK-Saw 1200 - cutting alternatives:
    - 90 degree cut
    - 90 - 180 degrees diagonal cut
    - 0 - 90 degrees cut
    - split cut forwards and backwards
    - stepless control of all working movement
    - overload control automatically adjusts preselected cutting speed