THK-STRAIN, stressing device 180tn/1000 mm

  • Technical specification:
    The unit moves on the rails.
    Weight, approx. 3300 kg
    Max pulling stroke 1000 mm
    Prestressing speed 600 mm/min
    Max. pulling force 1,8 MN (180 tons)

  • Electrical specification:
    Connecting power 11 kW
    Power supply 3x25A/400 VAC/50 Hz

  • The prestressing is carried out by this unit hydraulically and all the wires are prestressed simultaneously. This is fast and effective. The unit is operated with two hydraulic cylinders the speed of which is controlled steplessly by the operator. A maximum 180 tons prestressing force is needed and the prestressing and the release are completed in two phases. THK-Strain can easily serve 8 beds in 2 hours as it moves across the active end of the beds on its own rails with the aid of a transfer motor. The pulling force is controlled by evaluating the stretch of wires and electronically by measuring the force on a single wire

(two models)